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Horseback Adventures

Days Of Operation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday


10:00 AM

1:00 PM

3:00 PM

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Experience the thrill of horseback riding with Pampered Ponies, where world-class horses and breathtaking landscapes combine to create lasting memories. Choose from morning, afternoon, or sunset against the backdrop of Grand Cayman's pristine beaches and scenic trails.

For an extraordinary adventure, swim with the horses along an untouched beach in Barker’s National Park. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice, our experienced guides are there to assist, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

Wade into the sea on horseback for stunning views of the North Sound and Stingray City. Our friendly guides will accompany you every step of the way, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. At Pampered Ponies, we take pride in caring for our ponies and guests, offering the best horseback riding and optional swimming tours in the Cayman Islands.

Horse Whisperer

Beach Horseback Riding


90 Minutes


$125 CI Dollars

Our extensive beach trails offer miles of untouched shoreline, allowing you to discover the beauty of Grand Cayman's unspoiled beaches and coastal areas on horseback. Depending on your skill level and preferences, you can choose to ride, canter, or even swim bareback in the crystal-clear waters. The soothing sounds of the sea provide the perfect backdrop for moments of exhilaration and tranquility.

We take pride in being the first horseback riding company in the Cayman Islands to introduce horseback swimming. Our highly experienced horses are top-notch swimmers who relish a refreshing dip in the ocean after a warm beach ride. Join us for this unforgettable Cayman Islands experience.

Beach Ride & Bareback Swim Experience


120 Minutes


$150 CI Dollars

Swimming bareback in the warm and tranquil waters of Grand Cayman with our gentle, well-trained horses offers an unparalleled adventure that will be cherished for a lifetime. This unique experience is not just extraordinary for you but also for the horse. After a thrilling canter along the seaside, our highly experienced swimming horses eagerly take a dip in the ocean. The sensation of the gentle ocean waves as you harmoniously move with your horse through the sea is more rejuvenating than any spa treatment. It's guaranteed to be the highlight of your Cayman Islands vacation!

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