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Crystal Caves

Prices Start At
Adults: $45 USD
Children (Ages 12 & Under): $35 USD

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Explore the Crystal Caves with a knowledgeable guide on a 1.5-HOUR group tour for up to 20 People. Discover the geological significance of these caves, as you journey through the open-ceiling, roots, and lake caves, marveling at stalactite and stalagmite crystal formations. Afterward, enjoy a 30-Minute nature walk through the lush tropical forest that nurtured the caves. Encounter unique flora and fauna, from balsam trees to parrots. Take 15 Minutes to roam the viewing deck, featuring a snack and gift shop. Unveil the island's newest natural attraction, where nature's wonders and time's artistry meet.

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The Crystal Caves, formed over millions of years beneath the sea, showcase fossilized shells and marine life. Changes in sea levels and land elevation led to the creation of rooms through water erosion, resulting in stunning stalagmite and stalactite crystal formations. The ongoing process involves rainwater's slight acidity dissolving limestone and depositing microscopic calcium layers to shape these structures.

Pirates used the caves centuries ago for shelter and legends hint at buried treasures. Initially, locals farmed the fertile lands and mined bat guano in the caves for fertilizer. With time, tourism and finance gained prominence, prompting a shift away from farming.

In the early 1990s, Christian and Ole Sorensen initiated discussions with the Cayman government to develop cave attractions, drawing from their success with Harrison's Caves in Barbados. The exceptional uniqueness of the Old Man Bay crystal caves stood out, and after years of effort, the Sorensen family, along with the Berksoy family skilled in tourism, secured the land and designed access. This collaboration resulted in the realization of Cayman's extraordinary nature tourist attraction, representing the culmination of decades of planning and execution.

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