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Under the Sea

Seaside Snorkel Gems

Discover the enchanting world beneath the crystalline waters of the Cayman Islands through the exhilarating adventure of snorkeling. Immerse yourself in vibrant coral gardens teeming with a kaleidoscope of marine life. From the picturesque Cemetery Beach to hidden gems like Eden Rock, the shore snorkeling experience here is unparalleled. Explore the underwater realm effortlessly, as gentle currents guide you past schools of tropical fish and intricate coral formations. The Cayman Islands offer a snorkeler's paradise, where each shore holds a secret waiting to be unveiled. Embark on an aquatic journey, where the vibrant colors of the Caribbean come alive beneath the surface.

If you'd like to rent a mask, fins, and a snorkeling buoy, please feel free to email us or give us a call.


Eden Rock

Explore Eden Rock, Grand Cayman's waterfront gem, renowned for exceptional snorkeling experiences. Abundant tarpon and captivating coral formations offer a vibrant marine ecosystem accessible from the shore. Snorkel conveniently with a secure ladder, perfect for beginners. Enjoy immediate sightings of coral and fish, with Eden Rock Dive Center likely offering gear rentals. Venture further into the water, experiencing gradual depth and an underwater cliff plunging 40 feet. Caution is urged, with a life jacket advised for less confident swimmers. Free parking enhances accessibility, though availability may vary. A brief two-minute walk from an alternative spot ensures easy access to this snorkeler's paradise.

Cemetery Beach

Cemetery Beach, nestled on Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach, stands out for its excellent snorkeling. While technically part of Seven Mile Beach, it earns its name from an adjacent old cemetery. Offering rich coral and diverse fish, the best snorkeling lies about 55 yards offshore. Ideal for experienced snorkelers, it may be challenging for beginners due to the distance and depth (55 yards offshore, 20 feet deep). Safety precautions, like a swim buoy and snorkeling with a companion, are advised. Free parking is available across the street, accessible by car or a $3 USD public bus ride.


Cheeseburger Reef

Cheeseburger Reef, located 40 yards offshore from the Lobster Pot Dive Center in George Town, Grand Cayman, is a good snorkeling spot. Accessible from shore, it requires a relatively long swim, suitable for fit individuals. The calm waters make for a pleasant experience, but boat traffic necessitates a snorkel buoy for safety. With a depth of 15 to 20 feet, it's advisable to use a life jacket if you're not a strong swimmer. Ideal for experienced snorkelers, the area offers free parking across the street from the dive center.

Spotts Beach

Spotts Beach, located on Grand Cayman's south side, is a 20-minute drive east from George Town, offering excellent snorkeling opportunities. Famous for wild sea turtles, you have a good chance of spotting them either while snorkeling or from the beach as they surface to breathe. The barrier reef surrounding Spotts Beach boasts vibrant coral and fish, making it an appealing location. However, the 100-yard swim to the barrier reef requires experienced snorkelers, and a floating snorkel buoy is essential for safety. The water depth ranges from 6 to 12 feet. Avoiding crowds is possible on weekdays, particularly in the mornings. Spotts Beach provides ample free parking.


Smith Cove

Smith Cove, a short 5 to 10-minute drive from George Town Port in Grand Cayman, offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. Ideal for both cruise ship passengers, accessible by taxi, and tourists with rental cars, this spot features a coral area about 30 yards offshore teeming with fish. Suitable for beginners, the calm waters and absence of boat traffic enhance the snorkeling experience. Always advisable to snorkel with a companion, and for less confident swimmers, a life jacket or floating device is recommended. Ample free parking is available across the street.

Governor's Beach

Governor Beach, situated on Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, is a smaller section located next to the Westin. Technically part of Seven Mile Beach, it's named Governor's Beach as it's in front of the governor's house. While not exceptional, there's some coral and fish about 50 yards offshore, making it suitable for beginner snorkelers. The water depth starts at 2 to 3 feet, allowing standing initially, gradually dropping to 9 feet as you swim further out. Using a swim buoy for visibility is recommended, and free parking is available next to the governor's house. 

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Macabuca, a renowned restaurant and bar in Grand Cayman's West Bay, offers excellent snorkeling experiences. A brief 10-minute drive north from Seven Mile Beach, it's a favored spot for both snorkeling and diving, attracting enthusiasts who often enjoy a meal at the restaurant afterward. Accessible from the shore, Macabuca stands out for its close-to-shore coral and vibrant marine life. Ideal for beginners, the calm waters and dive ladders facilitate easy entry and exit. Enjoy the company of fellow snorkelers or divers in the area. For a serene experience, weekdays are recommended, with ample free parking available. 

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